The apX Program is the first level of our teen training series. This program is a game-changer. It is engineered by brain-based experts to get dramatic results, fast. The curriculum targets the mindsets of high-achievers and breaks their success  down into simple methods and potent habits. Simulations, dialogues and experiential games are used to help students practice new skills in a safe environment, with both peer and professional support.


Students leave this program with:






Brain 101

Learning Styles

Building Community

Keys to Motivation

This is the golden age of neuroscience. We are learning great things about how the brain works and how learning happens best. This module explodes myths about the brain and learning.


We focus on a few key things:


1. Everyone has a capable, powerful brain.

2. The brain is a learning machine.

3. You can build the brain like a muscle.

4. Learning is easier, faster, longer lasting and fun when you understand how your brain works.


Students leave this module with simple tools for boosting their brain's ability and capacity.

Everyone learns differently. So why do we teach every student the same way?


It doesn't work and it must change. This module gives each student a clear picture of their own "learning style". They will know their strengths and areas for improvement.


Each student will get tools for optimizing their style, complete with tips and tricks for getting better results both in and out of the classroom.


We focus on the responsibility of the learner. Students will know how to get the most learning, regardless of how they are being taught. That's power.


We use our famous "Vertical Limit" simulation to learn three great lessons about building community:


Share Resources
Especially when resources are scarce, share what you have to ensure that your team, your community have what they need to be successful.


Collaborate = Accelerate

Working together has many advantages. You get more resources, more brain power, more ideas and faster recovery when mistakes are made.


Don't Compete, Just Win
Stop thinking that winning means that you have to beat someone else. Focus instead on how you work. 'Strive to make progress with every effort and eventually you will be incredibly good at what you do. Winning is continual improvement.

Our SuperMaze simulation is a powerful experience. It teaches valuable lessons about what it takes to stay motivated and finish a difficult task:


Set Clear Short-term Goals

It's easy to stay motivated when your biggest goals are broken down into small steps. Make sure that there is something small that you can do each day to drive you towards your ultimate goal.



Surround yourself with people who are willing to participate in your successes and failures. Be sure that they give you specific information as guidance.


Mistakes = Learning
Every mistake contains valuable information. Never run from your mistakes. Stand in them. Own them. Gather learning from them and use that to be more successful in the long run.


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