Duration: 5 Days


The first level of our H.I.T. Educator Training System is a comprehensive, all-purpose training for both new and experienced educators. This training is focused on taking relevant theories and turning them into practical, everyday tactics for use in the classroom. We call these “The New Fundamentals”. These are critical skills that every teacher now needs to make an impact in the modern learning environment.


Focus Areas:


The H.I.T. Model

H.I.T. stands for Hook, Immerse and Transfer. These are the three focus zones for all of the skills within all four levels of the training. The Hook is creating enrollment and developing rapport with students through various methods of engagement. Immerse means to create rich, immersive learning experiences that tap into a student’s multi-modality abilities. Transfer is all about creating relevant applications of the learning, ensuring that students see the value in their everyday lives.


Brain 101

This module breaks down theories and myths as they relate to the brain. Complex brain-based science is broken down and taught in an easy-to-use lesson that teachers can pass along to their students. This is the foundation and simplest way to understand how the brain works and how it develops. Educators need to understand how to develop brain capacity while teaching.


Learning Styles

The Learning Styles theory has been around for ages and most teachers already know it. The question is, “Do they know how to apply it?”

We take an in-depth look at the theory and its relevance in the classroom. We clearly illustrate how to spot different learning styles, how to engage each and what to avoid in dealing with learners of each style. Teachers leave with immediately useful tactics for applying the learning styles every day, in every lesson.


Content and Challenge Model

This is the model that makes Accelerated Learning possible. We demonstrate how to design and deliver curriculum that works in partnership with the learning styles, is easier to recall and is many times faster than traditional methods of delivery. This model gives educators a framework for developing better learning experiences that thoroughly engage more students.


Behavior & State Management

Most teachers spend significant amounts of valuable classroom time just managing behavior rather than teaching. This intensifies the pressure to deliver content in compressed timeframes and forces the teacher to deliver in a way that is out of relationship with the students. Engagement is low and the focus is more on classroom and behavior control.

We build on what we know about the brain and body connection by giving teachers instantly effective tactics for managing behavior. Teachers will learn how to manage physiology and how to keep students in an optimal state for learning.


Communication Power Tools

Ultimately, most teachers deliver their content primarily through speaking. With that in mind, we must be extremely effective communicators if we want to drive positive outcomes for each student. This requires a firm grasp on a variety of communication tools. This module equips teachers with dynamic communication strategies that the world’s top corporate, political and educational leaders know. They will learn how to deliver with tremendous clarity, structure and purpose.





Understanding of how brain capacity develops


Using the learning styles to engage a wider audience of students more effectively


Increased skill in managing behavior and maintaining the physiology for optimal learning


Better capability in curriculum design that is brain-friendly and more memorable


Enhanced communication abilities in giving directions, delivering content and in developing rapport


More open mindset on the role of the teacher as a learning model, facilitator and developer of brain capacity




"Thank you for making my job easier instead of harder. This is a must for teachers new and old. The entire thing just makes sense."

- Alicia, Teacher for 9 years


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