Duration: 5 Days


The third level of our H.I.T. Educator Training System is where the rubber meets the road. This is where we assemble all of the tools from Levels One and Two into dynamic curriculum packages. This goes well beyond traditional lesson planning. Educators will design, develop and deliver brain-friendly learning experiences that get better results for learners.


Focus Areas:


Practice Learning Cycles - PLC

This is the core of this training. Every day will include at least one PLC in which we design, build and use new pieces of curriculum. We will practice this process repeatedly and create a variety of subject specific outputs.



This is the method for giving ultra-clear directions. Many teachers fumble through direction-giving. We re-establish the teachers’ command of the learning space with simple strategies for tasking students with clarity and purpose.


Layering and Progression

Good curriculum has built in mechanisms for reviewing what has been covered in the past and embedding it into the new learning. This ensures that valuable information remains valuable and that learning experiences weave into one another.


Memory Models

We will demonstrate several models of engaging memory while teaching. We will model pegs, location and story-based memory tools. The educators will then apply them to current lessons.


Game Dynamics

Game based learning is all the rage right now. Online games have proven what works in getting young people to participate, stay involved and even perform challenging tasks. We will take critical design elements of some of the world’s top games and explore their relevance in the classroom.


NVP – Novelty, Value and Passion

Motivation is not an exact science but these three elements dictate most of why human beings make decisions. We show educators how to use these motivating factors to improve student behavior and put more energy into learning.


Debrief Facilitation

The success of experiential learning hinges on an educator’s ability to extract and transfer relevant learning. Every activity needs to have real-world value. Our proprietary 4F Debrief system makes the process of creating relevance simpler.


Stories and Metaphor

Learning through stories and metaphor has been happening in cultures since the beginning of time. The art of story-telling can make an educator a powerful creator of learning context. We will give educators the most time-proven framework (SCQA) for building compelling, inclusive and purposeful stories.




New habits for developing curriculum and effective lessons

Articulate and concise ability to give directions during activity-based learning

Progressive curriculum design that has built-in learning recursion so that important learning points carry over from one lesson to the next

Improved ability to make curriculum “sticky” and memorable

Utilizing game dynamics to elevate participation and student accountability

Increased ability to motivate students

Powerful systemized approach to making learning relevant…every time

Great story-telling and use of metaphors in learning


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