Duration: 5 Days


The fourth level of our H.I.T. Educator Training System is all about the educator as a model in the learning environment. This is a personal mastery program focused on how the educator can achieve better results by having integrity, being transparent and creating strong personal connectivity in the classroom.


Focus Areas:


The Principles of Great Teaching

Over 20 years we have developed seven principles for being an extraordinary educator. We will model these principles and coach educators on the process of developing these characteristics.


Advanced Coaching Frames

The best educators are resources for students, parents and their fellow educators. They anchor teaching teams and have the ability to listen, coach and transfer expertise. We give educators several frames for use in multiple scenarios. This gives them the tools to effectively coach others and to instill the values of a proactive learning community.


Professional Delivery Skills

Top politicians, motivators, authors, speakers and business leaders pay premium dollars for communication coaching. We bring the best of those courses together in several impactful modules. This gives educators advanced strategies for optimizing their communication with students, colleagues and the school community. This positions them well for leadership roles within the context of a school.


The Content Pyramid

This is the big picture for long, extended processes. Educators need to know how to sell the idea of education as a long term strategy for an improved life. The content pyramid allows them to organize compelling messages to spark parents and inspire students throughout the duration of the schooling process. This helps to maintain school spirit and create context for a school’s shared values.


Authenticity 101

People learn best from people they love and respect. Educators need to BE someone that students want to learn from. They need to have a balance of approachability, impeccable professionalism and sheer genuine character. We examine tools for conveying authenticity even in challenging situations.



Muck is a volume of behaviors and habits that sabotage communication and team effectiveness. Top tier educators need to know how to lead from within their teaching teams. They must be able to spot subversive behaviors and act quickly to remedy them with their coaching and communication tools. This is critical for the overall health of a school.



This final challenge is a day long simulation game that requires the application of many tools from Levels 1 through 4. This game is incredibly intense, team based and personal. Educators will experience their strengths, weaknesses and decision-making abilities. They must choose the appropriate tools and tactics throughout to arrive at a winning result.




Principle based teaching with highly connected values

Effective interpersonal coaching ability

Dynamic communication tools for incredible prowess and presence

Clear articulation of the purpose, value and differentiators of the schools learning approach

Genuine ability to connect with and lead people

Avoidance and corrective ability of subversive team communications

Intensified personal fortitude and congruence with values

Magnified leadership capability


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