In-service Workshops


Fear and Learning - 2-3 hour workshop for up to 500 participants


When we were babies, learning was natural, fun, fast and easy. The brain is hard-wired to learn but that wiring gets affected by negative learning experiences. This is why some students show up in the classroom with a resistance to learning and participating.


This workshop explores this fear associated with learning and how it affects the brains development. Educators will leave with simple strategies for reducing fear, breeding participation and reinvigorating the brains natural passion for learning.




Games That Teach - 3 hour workshop for up to 100 participants


This module expands the teacher's toolbox by introducing them to a variety of interactive games and activities. These activities can be used as stand-alone learning experiences or as fun icebreakers and state-changers. This module is extremely active and is fast-paced. Teacher's will leave with facilitator outlines for each activity and will even have an opportunity to receive coaching on the delivery of some activities. Wear comfortable shoes for this one.




Learning by Design - 3 hour workshop for up to 100 participants


Make your content exciting, interesting and relevant to students by learning simple strategies to reach your entire audience. Learn how to integrate the modalities and multiple intelligences. Create learning traditions that will help to positively anchor key learning points throughout the year. Use celebration to generate energy and enthusiasm about the learning process. Learn a step-by-step process for creating curriculum that gets optimal results. Set your students up for success by taking the time to design unique learning adventures.




Accelerated Learning Tools - 3 hour workshop for up to 100 participants


Learn some of the most proven accelerated learning methods that can be passed on to your students. Experience a brain-friendly note-taking strategy. Learn techniques for improving memory and increasing reading speeds. Learn how to coach students to manage their own state and how to use their physiology to make good impressions. Explore ways of introducing more creativity to the learning process and how to utilize team dynamics to accelerate results.





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