The Compass is our level three training program for teens.


Great leaders have clearly defined goals and a strong sense of purpose. This program is designed to help teens to find their passion, direct their energy towards something purposeful and to map out long-term goals.


The focus areas are identifying purposeful objectives, maintaining energy, advanced goal planning, personal coaching tools, authenticity, contribution and strategic thinking skills.



SOLE Fitness

The Samurai Challenges

What the Muck?

A body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion...and get stuff done!


The SOLE Fitness model helps to train the body and brain simultaneously. It enables working smarter by maintaining energy levels through "sneaky fitness".


S - Stability and Balance

Practicing stability and balance improves mobility, muscle strength and challenges the brain with both visual and weight orientation.

O - Object Manipulation

Object manipulation, such as throwing a ball, makes you more emotionally strong. Throwing a ball at someone is actually threatening, so as the ball is coming towards you, you get scared which wakes up the emotional part of the brain (reptilian or limbic system) , and when you catch it you’re engaging your tactile intelligence.


L - Locomotion

Locomotion is literally moving your body in various directions at varied speeds, challenging your body to to reorient itself visually. It has to perceive depth, distance, timing, location, and all of these dynamics force the brain to be active while in movement.


E - Elevated Heart Rate

Elevated heart rate increases the amount of oxygen that enters the bloodstream which affects your ability to process information. Challenging our cardiovascular allows our brain to stay strong when it's threatened or challenged.


The Code of the Samurai is an effective framework for living with a long-term mindset.


Hesitation Kills

When we hesitate in our life, opportunities pass us by. Not knowing and losing out on things brings out a stress or tension which is toxicity. Living in the realm of unknowing kills.


Regret Kills

One of the biggest regrets in people's lives is that they killed off a relationship that was important to them.


Self-Deception Kills

Don't make enemies when there are no enemies. If you take the time to connect with other people and communicate, you will realize you are actually deceiving yourself and that the world is full of teachers.


Muck is anything that ruins communication. Here are some of what we train students to avoid when developing relationships:


Listening vs. Waiting to Talk

A lot of people when they are listening are not actually listening and are instead wondering when it is their turn. One of the number one things is to make sure that when someone is talking to you, you are listening and really taking in the information so when you start to talk it is suitable for the conversation.


Scene Stealer

This is someone who actually might be very interested in what the other person is saying but they never let the other person finish. It is not that they are not positive or supportive, but it is that they get right into it. That is the ability to not allow someone else to say what they want to say and they just take it away from you.


Top This

Whatever someone is sharing, this person feels the need to go right up there and top the other person. This comes from the person's natural need to feel significant. It is a habit. If you make people feel little, chances are they will stop talking to you because you are always one step ahead or better than they are.


Blind Question

This type of question is where the person asking it has all the information so he can make the decision. They are dangerous and can lead to the other person losing trust in you so that every time you ask a question, they may or not be honest with you simply because the last time they were set up


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