The Pinnacle is level four of our teen training programs.


The students that progress to this level of training have already demonstrated the ability to lead and to learn. This program is designed to fine tune their habits so that they can magnify their results.


Pinnacle graduates leave with a profound sense of purpose, focused energy, impressive personal communication skills, genuine friendships that last a lifetime and a support network of proactive young leaders.

The Big Give

Strength & Vulnerability

Take A Stand

Learning to give back at an early age can help to make young people much more appreciative of all that they have in their lives. The Big Give Challenge creates a dramatic opportunity for teams and individuals to make an impact with an individual or group that has evident need. Students work to give in a way that creates sustainable change for their recipient. This is an emotional powerhouse of an activity.

Understanding the balance of strength and vulnerability enables leaders to be authentic, fully aware of their strengths and limitations. This personal knowledge heightens their empathy and helps them to be collaborative rather than cocky.


The Pinnacle includes a series of coaching modules that tackle this objective in multiple ways. Students leave with a controlled confidence that helps them to attract like-minded resources.

Have you ever had to convince someone? A small group? The world?


Being a powerful leader means being able to convey a simple, powerful message. This activity teaches students how to put all of their leadership skills to work. They learn how to energize others by being congruent and standing in their personal power.


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