The Star Series is about learning, having fun and developing good habits at an early age.


It's that simple. Research shows that between the ages of 9-12 is the time frame in which most students start to lose their passion for learning. This is the time where learning is no longer enjoyable, it's pressure-packed with tests and expectations on student performance are rising steeply.


Our response was to create a series of training programs to help young people face the new pressures of school with a new skill set. The Star Series mixes learning to learn skills, life skills and leadership skills to give students an advantage both in and out of the classroom. Each 2 day event covers two learning themes and each theme is tackled with a variety of methods. Everything is fully interactive, useful and fun. The students learn new habits quickly and go back to home and school with renewed confidence and a proactive mindset.


Explore the tabs below to learn more about each of the Star Series events.


Purple Star

Blue Star

Red Star

Green Star

Creativity & the Learning Styles

Purple Star is packed full of activities that challenge students to think outside of the box. Each student will understand their personal learning style, creative ways to use their brain and simple habits to improve their personal performance at school and at home.


Teamwork & Problem Solving


Blue Star uses a series of team challenges to explore the importance of working with others, listening, sharing resources and supporting. Students will learn the key steps to solving problems and how they can use their personal strengths to be successful in school and at home.


Communication & Relationships


Red Star uses dynamic games to teach powerful communication habits. Students will learn how to ask good questions, listen more effectively and to acknowledge others. There is also a strong focus on building healthy relationships with family members, teachers and friends.


Commitment & Goal Setting

Green Star  is all about getting results. Students will face several challenges that will cause them to examine how they respond to making mistakes, how they work through frustration and how they use their resources to reach their goals. Students will learn a simple system for gathering valuable learning from any experience that they have.


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